Can a homemade water ionizing machine with three ion bracelets and one kidney stone control the weather?

Molecular science is still in its infancy as the underwater environment of the great sea we call the ocean with all its undiscovered life…

My name is Gabriel De La Vega Jr. the author of this page and the person bringing this scientific evidence to the lime light of our procrastinating science community who thinks God is not a fact until proven by science.

Well that being said I have some information for the general internet end user who 20 years ago would be called a laymen...

I also have some meat and potatoes for the scientific community to invest some time into investigating my personal eight month accidental, not planned adventure into the unknown area of molecular science at the scale of an atom.

Well where do I start?

This is tough to write but it will come out, the truth needs to be known before this scientific accidental experiment is lost forever and never announced.

Somewhere around August of 2013...

I ran across a video on You Tube regarding how to cure all kinds of health problems including cancer drinking ionized water. This video showed me how to build my own ionizing water machine without spending over a thousand dollars from some company that has built them for commercial use.

Below is a picture of what I ended up with, which is now very used because I’ve been using it since 2013, but I have stopped using it as of today 1-10-2016 because of the kidney stone that I dropped a few days before this writing of this phenomenal unplanned scientific experiment…

I don’t want to take any chances with my kidneys because I do not know if this caused the stone, but I’m almost certain it had a contribution to the stone:

The homemade water ionizing machine - Photo #1   The homemade water ionizing machine - Photo #2  The homemade water ionizing machine - Photo #3 


This simply works by adding water to both sides of the tank assembly with a filter in the middle of the two tanks, the filter can be a brand new household sponge from the grocery store stuffed inside one side of the PVC pipe that connects the two tanks. 

Connect a stainless steel piece of metal to each tank connected to a positive and negative wire connection to a 12 volt input.

The stainless steel is used to prevent water contamination once activated with the electricity, let this percolate for at least 24 hours.

 Once the percolation has been completed I drink the negative side which is the clean water and the positive side should be the dirty water which is thrown out into your household plant vase.

To ensure the water is extra clean I use a camping water filter to clean the water one extra time to insure it is extremely safe to drink, a picture of this filter should be shown below this paragraph:

    Camping Style Water Filter 


Once you drink this water you will immediately feel an unexplainable undefined different type of dimension added to your life which gets into the molecular negative particles from the negative water you created that react with the environment you now live in which could range from turning red street lights green as you approach them, to rain clouds following you around the United States.

Now when you mix these molecular negative ions with other ions that you carry on your body the unpredictable may occur, which in my opinion is the rain clouds that have been following me since May of 2015 maybe late April of 2015 to January of this year where this Kidney stone has made me decide to stop drinking the ionized water…

I stopped drinking the water due to the fact this may have caused the kidney stone to appear in me 1-6-2016 due to Mother Nature neutralizing the unnatural molecular dysfunction that one of its humans on earth was having carrying the negative charged water particles.

Nature always has a way of taking care of its self, that’s why they say don’t mess with Mother Nature.

In other words Mother Nature was attempting to end my life by killing my kidneys which is the environment that these negatively charged water particulars were affecting the air in which I’m currently existing in.

Gabriel De La Vega Jr. is in the hospital 1-6-2016 for a kidney stone, he was released 1-9-2016 in great health.   This is a diagram of the kidneys of a human.

I’m going to display a few photos of the ionized bracelet’s that I wear in conjunction with the ionized water and move on to the most disturbing part of my unplanned scientific adventure that opened the door to a mysterious world of molecular reactions that is not very publicized, if even discovered beyond the page of my website that is trying to explain this weird phenomenon that happened to me, to you in a easy to understand format.




Now these ion bracelets are worn by professional basketball players to help them accurately shoot the hoops and the rocks themselves come from the bottom of the ocean and are harvested and tested with some kind of ion tester to make sure that they are putting off the energy that is described in the sales literature that the sales person sells to the public.

The particular brand I have is supposed to last forever and not lose its ionizing effect…

Combine this with the ionized water that is inside my body and the ionized bracelet that is attached to my skin via a bracelet and all kinds of phenomenal hell can break loose!

Two bracelets are attached to my ankles via cat collars and the other bracelet is worn around my wrist via a bracelet made by the ion company.

The name of the company is called “Energy / Armor”…

This does give me unusual balance and activates ions to communicate to your brain that communicates to your muscles to achieve precision shots when it comes to tossing rolled up paper into the trash can.

These bracelets also offer other feats of balance that I have not yet defined when precision driving a 80,000 pound vehicle down a highway seven days per week.

Yes I’m a nationwide truck driver and I often dabble into the deep studies of computer science, I passed numerous courses on the subject of computer science since 1996.

I started driving for a living in 1994 as a taxi driver in Las Vegas, Nevada up to the year 2000 till the day the taxi police in Las Vegas, Nevada told me I could not conduct scientific mobile experiments while driving a taxi.

In other words they gave me a ticket for having a lap top computer in my taxi…

In the year 2000 I immediately entered and graduated truck driving school to complete my mobile applications till today 1-10-2016 I have been a Commercial Truck Driver.

Since I’m involved in an internet application involving live mobile video that was published with the U.S Patent office since 2003, I experimented with a camera that I bought at Wal-Mart and hooked it up to my semi-truck to monitor the interior of the truck while I took a shower at the truck stop.

As I was taking a shower or walked away from the truck while all the windows were sealed with sunshades, I tested the night vision ability of the camera…

To my astonishment the motion detector kept going off every five to ten minutes and I assumed the cell phone app software on the camera was messing up.

The mystery was soon solved. I actually caught a moving small orb light flying into what seemed to be my gallon of ionized water sitting under the seat of the passenger side of my semi-truck...

To my amazement, multiple little orbs were and probably are to this day flying into my gallon of ionized water that I peculated for consumption by my human body.

I will display this photo below for your examination, it has a face that has a cross on its cheek with what looks like a photo of Jesus’s mother the Virgin Mary praying on the side of the neck of the human face in the image.

This combination of weird phenomenal activities related to my home brewed ionized water needs to be analyzed for scientific study by the world scientist in hopes this will lead the world to a closer relationship with Jesus!

Even if you scientist are too proud of your atheist theories about Gods environment to even contact me in regards to my findings…

I’m exposing this to the world today 1-10-2016 as an open source project of study and a new beginning to a potential new field of study with a positive outcome for us humans on earth utilizing this powerful information that has been displayed on this web page for your examination for free!

With the hopes for a more positive world!




There you have it folks in a nut shell!

I hope this has made your day!

This has been brought to the world by:

Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

President / Founder & C.E.O of:

Taxi Babblermouth & Accessories, Inc.

Established in the year 1998

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