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Today's Date:   September 5, 1999.

Seventieth and 71 St. Police Stop with TICKETS!

September 3, 1999

Which was updated today: July 3, 2012

7:55 PM.

Thirty five mph. in a 25 mph. zone and some sort of signal  ticket!

The Devilish public fag seed planting Jews have the white boy demons on the payroll  and us Mexican Americans sacrifice our time, labor and children to keep this country moving.

In return we are treated like a absolute disposal military tool who is what they call expendable personal in military terms!

The cop stopped me on Reno street behind the Tropicana Hotel.

If someone wanted to track my every move it could be done... 

To anticipate that I would be going back to the airport on a busy friday night after dropping off at Mandalay Bay, then using the street Reno as a route back to the airport is not very difficult to figure out.

Why should the police stop harassing me now after 69 tickets!

Its already an embedded habit in their robotic peanut sized brains to harass me!

The sky could fall down and these piss-ant, butthole,  pig smelling, crap licking cops would still come for their monthly ticket collecting habitual harassment exercise.

But today I'm proclaiming there's light at the end of this tunnel!

These Jew Cock-sucking Faggot loving cops will stop! Harassing me, 1 WAY OR ANOTHER!

 What ever Civil Rights I was born with!

 Those constitutional rights will be used to the Fullest Extent Possible! 

Even though the Henderson police officer "Bostick" entered my home in 1993 and told me I had 0 rights of any kind!

Then made up a huge lie with a lifetime of personal and financial repercussions that said I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. kicked a ex furniture mover want to be butt hole white as a Ku Klux Klan sheet police officer in the balls named Bostick and then the Henderson, Nevada police department and Henderson Justice court has the tenacity to back up his fabricated non truthful, untruthful downright little white lie and simply laughed in my face for being a Mexican American in their white racist neighborhood!

Henderson, Nevada, need I say anymore...

That little white lie is what sparked and enabled this police harassment of the brotherhood of national police officer's in the United States in America to trigger this non stop police harassment!

Or could I dig a little deeper and trace this back to my military day's in the U.S. Coast Guard where I faced an enormous amount of racism agaisnt Mexicans like myself who are true and loyal to the red, white and blue!

With a continuous stream of  threats during my enlistment in the United States Military!

I believe I'm going to find this military Jew Faggot rat 1 way or another!

These Jew's and fags are infiltrating our military and trying to destroy loyal worthwhile fighting personal like my self because I'm a threat to their overall scope of what they are trying to do this country!

Because I was not born in Europe, my roots stem from North America, born in Las Vegas, Nevada and I have a blood line extending to Mexico City home of the most vicious fighting Mexicans in Mexico and I have no reason to betray my fellow Mexicans and Mexican American's for some grand daddy Jew eating a Mexican picked Jonny Appleseed American apple in Israel!

Which is currently converting America into a bunch of helpless faggots from the inside out starting with our U.S. Military!

Then controlling the United States of America with a hand full of European Jew's,  influenced by Fag money received from selling the butt hole's of newly converted fags in the United States and possibly other countries, then the money is sent to the United Nations to be used in a way to destroy the United States of America as we the people of the U.S know life here in North America!

And this scheme that is in place by Sheriff Joe M. Arpaio in Phoenix , Arizona and all the pink underwear fag butt holes that are trying to turn America against Mexico is only a attempt to try to destroy the infrastructure of Mexico and make them an enemy of the United States which is totally stupid since us Mexican American's are part of the United States and we bust our butt day after day to feed the United States of a America with fresh produce and beef.

This is all a attempt to turn Mexico away from the United States so when these European Jewish Fags invade the United States they will have 1 less army to worry about protecting the United States which is the Mexican army with over 50 million young thriving non Fag citizens ready to make more strong babies and ready and willing to fight and protect the United States in a event a attack on the United States did ever happen from Europe and all these Jewish Fag, Rag head idiot's!

Bottom line there is not a Mexican on planet earth that has any reason in the world to try to bring harm to the United States!

Only the opposite!

So my question is?

Why is America currently trying to portray the Mexicans as their enemy?

The only answer is this Islamic president we now have Obama who has a blood line going back to these terrorist trying to destroy this country and the Jewish Fags in the United Nations are trying to destroy Obama and somebody does not want to meet up with the Mexicans when these European rag heads try to destroy the United States of America!

All these idiotic groups are trying to kill each other on the land of the free, bold and brave and us Mexicans and Mexican Americans are caught up in the middle of this ridiculous attempt to take over the United States within the country of the United States through a take of over of United States police uniforms filled with these cops that are perverted Fags, and have blood lines that return right back to Europe just like the insane American Jew and every other rag head on the map.

It's like a feeding frenzy for a bunch of hungry carb fish in the Lake trying to eat bread thrown at them!

That explains the discrimination I faced in my Military day's to get me out of the United States Coast Guard with my 4 year honorable discharge in my hand and deceive America into thinking Mexicans are your enemy!

When the opposite is true!

We have no reason to be your enemy!

Only perverted Fags and greedy Jew's have a motive and reason!

This American take over has been on the European Jews and radicals drawing board since the 1980's and is currently being executed right under the Americans noses with America's new breed of Fag orientated cops on the back of your bumper rolling down American highway's and city streets of the USA!

Bottom line is why would a Mexican try to kill his own children that he feeds each day thru hard sweet and work on the fields of the United States and the beef processing plants in Kansas doing the dirty work of killing cow's day after day generation after generation and packing the meat onto trucks day after day just to provide nutrition for the children of the United States and shipped onto boats to other parts of the world?

Why would we want to speak another language other than Spanish and English?

The answer is:

There is no reason!

We do not need to transport our family from Israel or Africa to the United States because we are already here to stay!

If you in the slightest way agree with me support my "Sue Cop Fund" today by making a small donation of any amount!

All donations will be kept secret from the police!



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