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Nazi Fag United States Government


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Shocking Evidence of the Fag Nazi Homosexual Teacher Agenda

Shocking Evidence of the Fag Nazi Homosexual Teacher Agenda


Gabe on June 2, 2013 · 21 comments

As Of Today February 4, 2012; DNA Evidence Has Confirmed That Fags Have Been Breeding And Reproducing Themselves Through Elementary School Children …

As of today February 4, 2012 Mark Berndt slipped through the cracks and exposed what the Fags have been doing for several decades inside the United States of America.

Mark Berndt, the school teacher has been arrested in Los Angeles, CA  for  tying up and blindfolding 23 students between the ages of eight through 10 and feeding them his DNA tested semen on  a spoon according to various news sources.

This 61 year old has accumulated over 100 pictures of himself doing this.

A photo processor is responsible for blowing the whistle!

All the teachers working in the school probably knew what was going on but did not do anything probably because the whole zip code of residents in that area are already possessed by Satan and they probably feel this is okay.

The bottom line to this story is, not only are the Fags sciocologicaly programming children to accept perverted  fag behavior but, they are also physically introducing children to fag sexual experiences in U.S.A run elementary schools.  This evidence clearly points to the explosion of our current fag society.

For the last 30 years of Mark Berndt’s teaching life or maybe even longer this USA government is currently teaching our children to accept or be a male homosexual fag in elementary school.

These government officials are paving the way for school fag teachers to sexually molest our children in elementary school with out the parents detecting what’s going on so the kid will either accept and like the fag lifestyle or else simply accept it for the norm.

According to various news sources in the Los Angeles county this teacher has been doing this for 30 years or maybe longer only to be detected recently by a concerned photo processor.

This is not an isolated incident since 23 students showed up in the photo’s some of the parents and teachers must of known what was going on.

Right now as I’m typing this information to you a young child that belongs to Jesus and potentially a victim of Satan’s overwhelming spirit is being molested by a school teacher somewhere in the United States of America and the Fag Congressman are daily creating laws to protect the school teachers to physically sexually teach our young children how to accept the Fag perverted lifestyle.


The solution to fix this problem is as follows:

  1. Home school your children!
  2. If you can not home school your children make sure the elementary school you send them to has an internet camera in every classroom and is password protected so only parents can view their children on line via the internet at any time day or night or whenever, nothing but total access 24/7.
  3. Fire all fags get rid of them kick them to the curb and let them live out of trash cans; and when they can’t afford to buy health insurance, Obama will jail them and hopefully throw away the key.
  4. Tie  the elementary school teacher Mark Berndt to the tether ball pole on the school playground and allow all the school children to stone him to death, then assign a government police officer who is not a fag but is a parent and allow this police officer to shoot Mark Berndt in the head between the eyes with his gun to make sure he his physically dead. Then cremate Mark Berndt and mix his ashes with kitty litter to be sold on the public market of the USA and the world via E-bay then, donate the money to internet cameras for USA public schools.
  5. Let’s elect only non alternative lifestyle individuals to public office who do not want to change the U.S. constitution to accommodate Satan’s sexually perverted lifestyle. Satan is a spirit that fills the physical bodies of fleshly people who are born on earth and it is a struggle for the Holy Spirit to live and work in a human body when the human body allows Satan’s spirit to live and work inside the body.  So when preachers and Christian spiritual leaders claim their is a spiritual war going on that is exactly what their talking about.
  6. Make it illegal, not legal to allow law enforcement individuals and U.S. Judges, lawmakers and anyone else in an authoritative position to maintain their current position or accept a authoritative position if they are in any way a sexually perverted person or else simply a fag or a person who accepts the fag lifestyle; such as our current U.S. president Obama who thinks all fags should be able to have an authoritative position in our military so all our U.S. Marines can have semen on a spoon in the chow hall lunch line and then tied up and blind folded for dinner.



Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.



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The World Changed Overnight with Stanley Meyers New Water Car

The World Changed Overnight with Stanley Meyers New Water Car

Gabe on August 26, 2013 · 15 comments

In 1998 Stanley Meyer was poisoned at a restaurant by the Arabs who are selling the United States Oil, or simply our government which was being run by United States President Bush at that time who personally owns oil wells throughout the world.

The death of Stanley was caused by Satan the evil spirit who occupies the human bodies and creates the love of money in people’s hearts versus the love for the creator of all life and his only holy son Jesus.

Stanley Meyer was running up and down the freeways and byways of the United States with a dune buggy that completely ran on water and had water fuel injected spark plugs with a computer set up to a electrical throttle system which regulated the amount of polarized water that would be injected into the firing cylinder for speed control of the vehicle.

Stanley Meyers patented invention is by far the most keep it simple stupid system I have come across on the internet when it comes to transportation, clean air and saving our planet from the vicious ruthless cash greedy animals who currently control the oil industry.

Right now, if you were to define the handful elite people who want to control the actions of every other human on earth it will be the oil people.

Stanley was scheduled to fly a jet around the world on water and various other applications to industrial equipment before he was poisoned.

Stanley pleased Jesus and all the angels in heaven including God so greatly that authorization was granted by the creator to allow Stanley to be poisoned by the oil people simply to be present with Jesus and the environment of heaven.

Stanley always gave Jesus the credit for all his accomplishments and he was tremendously filled with the Holy Spirit….

Stanley Meyers is simply an American hero who should not be forgotten, but Stanley absolutely should have an American holiday in the calendar strictly reserved for Stanley Meyers who changed the world with his “Water Dune Buggy”.

My 2013 perception of what’s going on right now in the oil industry which is this elite group of people is: President Barack Obama is currently rubbing shoulders with these Arabs who control the world oil supply. Instead of looking for an alternate power supply, this group of killers has created what’s called the Obama Health Care Plan which makes it mandatory to have a computer Class II RFID implant chip embedded in an American citizen’s body for communication from the patient to the hospital.

This chip can also be used to carry cyanide which can be released by a radio frequency signal triggered by a government official any time they feel like killing you. That’s just the tip of the iceberg on what these oil people can do once the chips are placed in your body. GPS tracking, mind control and the list remains unlimited each year once the hardware is in your body. Hardware can be programmed by software, and it’s just a matter of time before you are a complete vegetable whose every action is controlled by the orders of this elite oil group who do not want to give up their wealth to a guy named Stanley Meyers under any condition.

Soon after Stanley Meyers death in 1998… 2001 World Trade Center Disaster rolled around which was caused by Bush and his oil buddy’s that wear rags on their heads. There are numerous photos on the internet of Bush and Obama with rags on their heads while having meetings with all the oil people who wear rags on their heads. Not hats but rags! Just the fact that these rich people can’t afford a hat with all their money and who prefer to wear rags on their head instead; this is definitely an absolute sign of insanity between the ears of these oil idiots!

If Stanley were alive today we would all be driving cars on rain water, snow and dirty lake water. Stanley was positioned to go into mass production with the distribution of his invention right before he was poisoned

“do not” buy cars that run on gas, Keep your old car and convert it to run on water now that you know this is a true reality. Change the world one American at a time. American citizens this is your country not the country the Arabs and all the oil thugs around the world think they own.

America wake up and fight back by only buying cars that run on water or air!

America please stop being stupid by paying $6.00 to $10.00 for a gallon of gas and polluting the air fish and all life on earth, when you can use hydrogen that is embedded in water which is 2 1/2 times more powerful than the hydrogen that is in gasoline and diesel fuel according to Stanley Meyers who is still alive in the spirit world in heaven not hell!
Obama’s Push Button Cyanide Poisonous Dictatorship

Obama’s Push Button Cyanide Poisonous Dictatorship

Gabe on August 21, 2013 · 10 comments

According to Ron Paul’s website, Obama’s 1,000 page health care plan which includes Class II RFID microchips to be implanted in every American on earth for health care communication between the hospital and the patient.

More earth shaking news, according to a YouTube video located at this URL: a scientist claims to be able to kill people using cyanide poisoning that is embedded in a microchip implant the size of a piece of rice that can be embedded in a human or any other living animal. The same chip Obama intends on planting in the American public can also be filled with cyanide and at a push of a button Obama can simply instantly kill every American human who has the implant in their body.

I’m a very busy person and I do not have time to write about this crap. But, if I do not act now before these homosexual Fags in office carry out their plan every American will be dead and their will be no one left to alert dead America to the fact that we the people of the United States of America need to immediately impeach American President Barack Muslim Obama with a boot up his ass!

Next we need to trash and shred his Obama Health Care Plan and deactivate any mandatory microchip implant to qualify for public benefits.

It’s very obvious according to the facts that Obama’s daddy was a Muslim who has one mission in life which is to kill Americans. Obama’s Mommy and Daddy divorced when he was two years old, then he was adopted by an Asian Daddy and Obama went by a different name all the way up to the time he entered college. Obama has also used three different social security numbers in his life. Obama has lied about just about everything and has violated numerous federal and state laws while under oath to speak the truth.

America’s first black president wants to be slick and kill everyone he does not approve of with a RFID microchip implant.

America wake up to the absolute truth, smell the coffee and look reality straight in the mirror. America you have been scammed by a African black president who is nothing more than a deadly foreign implant in the American White House…

If cyanide poisoning in you and your children is not enough to wake up America and impeach this piece of trash we now have controlling every tax dollar you contribute, who’s name is Obama…

America if you do not impeach this president right now this minute you all deserve to die of cyanide poisoning for being so stupid!

Obama's Profile

Obama's Mommy and Daddy

Obama's adopted Daddy who is Asian and a Muslim

Obama's school registration under the name of Barry Soetoro, Obama lied about using another name in his life which is dishonest and against the American law

Obama has used several different social security numbers in his life

Obama rubs shoulers with the Arabs who simply want to always kill Americans... Obama wants to kill Americans also thats why he's there

Obama has illegally accepted over $500,000 from foreign campaign contributors

Obama's daddy who is a Muslim, Muslims do not believe in Jesus and their Koran bible instructs them to kill all Americans

Obama's Mommy

Obama must be lying about his birth place if he has owned several social security numbers in his life

God will judge Obama and send him to hell if he does not accept Jesus and continues to approve of homosexuality

Obama publicly claims to be a socialist not a democrat
Japan's Water Car
Japan's Water Car!
 This car runs only on water...
Click here for more videos on this subject!
Seventy percent of the worlds oil is consumed by automobiles.
The Time Traveler
Time Traveler Reports 300 Million “White Only” People Are Left on Earth

Gabe on September 3, 2013 · 10 comments

I watched at least 10 time travel videos on YouTube in the last 24 hours… One thing that has haunted me is what these time travelers are reporting. Regardless if it’s true or not, simply the fact that reports are coming in with only the white race living on magnetic cities that can be moved around the earth, and only a white Caucasian population is alive on these cities is shocking!

Is this someone’s imagination who hopes for segregation or else a total annihilation of everyone who is not white?

As racist as Hitler was, this does not surprise me at all. Everything in our today times point’s to this goal that the U.S. government has, along with all the rumors about the Rockefellers and the white Rothschild’s family. All these rich white guy’s have dominated the chatter in the world about a one world government controlled by these two families. One family is out of Britain and the other is from the United States.

Could it be that once an individual owns so much money that they can actually use technology and money to exterminate everyone who is alive around them?

Could it be that technology is so advanced that trying to explain it to a woman who is making tortilla’s in Mexico is so impossible that these white people would rather exterminate these tortilla makers versus let them in on all this new technology like biological microchip implants in people as well as regular RFID Class II implants that the Obama administration wants to place in every American on earth through his new health care plan?

Does every naïve silly human on earth actually believe people like Hitler actually exist?

Is it true that the white man killed almost all the buffalo on earth with moving railroad train cars so the Native American Indians would be limited on food to eat?

The big question is: Would this hand full of white people actually attempt extermination of all the non white people if given the opportunity?

At this point in my life looking at how racist Las Vegas, Nevada white people along with Arizona white people are towards the Latin Mexican American in the United States and elsewhere through the world. I have to admit, thinking about my ex white wife and her connections to the Klu Klux Klan, I simply have come to the conclusion…

Yes! These evil self centered snobbish white people would push the cyanide button with the implant in your body through the Obama administration and kill everyone who does not meet their criteria if they had the power to do so. (Remember Obama is half white!)

My last paragraph to this story is, believe in Jesus because he’s the answer, and if this is all true, all these evil white people in the future, past and present will have to answer to Jesus and spend eternity in hell or heaven for their actions in this dimension of earth.

Watch the time travel videos at:

The light is shinning directly on my bible under the leather hat

If I’m a delicacy on a Grey Alien’s menu as being a vitamin mix to their favorite drink that is extracted from a gland in my body…

We Humans Have the Right to Know the Truth!

Gabe on September 6, 2013 · 10 comments

If I’m a delicacy on a Grey Alien’s menu as being a vitamin mix to their favorite drink that is extracted from a gland in my body…

You and I have the right to know!

If 25% or more of the “United States Gross National Product” is going to build advanced underground bases for grey aliens to someday take over and live in, I the citizen of the United States demand full disclosure of all the money being used to accommodate aliens who want to eat specific glands located in my human body.

As a cow going to slaughter all of us humans on earth who are completely kept in the dark about black operations by our United States Government since 1909 now in the year 2013, we have a immediate right to know the truth!

All my fellow humans reading this its time to find out where all the cash from your government is going and stop being the stupid human that simply is told to walk into the slaughter house to get your glands extracted from your body to be digested by a Alien from another planet!

According to this video somewhere in the vicinity of the year 1949, the United States made a treaty with the Aliens to allow them to use Americans for testing purposes for the exchange of alien technology.

This United States government is responsible for over a million human deaths and missing children according to Phil Schnieder a black operations engineer who works for the United States Government and lost fingers off of his left hand to an Alien who was trying to kill him and other army personnel who died in the
underground war as his crew accidently drilled into their underground bunkers.

At the time of this video Phil claims to have been shot in the shoulder by an FBI agent that he killed, he was making this presentation with a two week old fresh gunshot wound to his shoulder. In the presentation he was not using his left arm that much and it did look like he was in pain on that side of his body which makes me believe his testimony even further. His fingers in the presentation were evenly cut like a laser of some sort did cut off his fingers. He describes the grey aliens rubbing their stomach then using a high intensity laser weapon to cut his fingers off as well as injuring other parts of his body in the self defense fight.

Phil also claims he used his hand gun to kill the alien he confronted. Phil claims these aliens are mortal and they do die.

Phil also mentions God, and for society to hold on to their religious beliefs, especially in the United States.

On the video it mentions that Phil showed up dead in his Oregon home in the year 1996. At the time I have watched this video there has been around 8,000 views and this is a crying shame that only 8,000 people have watched this video since 1996.

People of the world, with all the disasters going on in government and ecological effects to the worlds environment, it is now time for us humans to demand full disclosure from our United States Government about the truth of this deadly species who wants to reduce our human population due to the fact that we will contaminate them with our human germs and they want to put us in a glass jar some where and only extract our human glands when their appetite compels them to do so.

Watch Phil Schinieders video and then you deicide if its time to march in front of the United States White House and demand immediate answers!

July 04, 2016

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Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr...

Twenty Trillion Phone Calls and Emails Documented and Stored by the “NSA”

FBI and the NSA

According to this video very intelligent journalist’s who have lots of experience in journalism are gathered around a table with a former NSA agent discussing the fact that 20 trillion phone call and email communications have been “collected,” not “intercepted” by the United States NSA. The address to this video located on You Tube at:

hfS2Op9l3nk – You can also find this video at…

One of the journalist in this video admits that before she had a conversation with another journalist about this topic, she made sure the journalist she was going to discuss this very important topic with did not have a cell phone or a computer on her body or else any where near a phone, cell phone or else wireless device, simply in a effort not to be overheard by the NSA”.

The weird thing about this topic is, as soon as I started typing about this important subject of National Security…

Two unknown out of the blue men, one man who claims to be my neighbor and the other who claims to be a maintenance person approached my residence with a clip board in their hand to discuss the neighbor’s utility problems on my property just before I started typing this information about this video.

 This type of intrusion on my residence has never happened before out thin air. This makes me believe what I’m publishing today is on a very important topic and that I’m also being watched very closely by the NSA just like every other person on planet earth is. (My full grown 150 pound male Rottweiler enjoyed chasing them off the property

According to the various interviews conducted on this video, it seems the United States national FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) has the final say on who to harasses first, or else simply who to target next…

This whole episode of events reminds me of the United States White man riding in railroad trains through the United States, shooting and killing all the American Indian’s buffalo with rifles that were stuck through the windows of the moving train as the buffalo were running to avoid the bullets that were taking down the herd… The reasoning behind shooting all the buffalo is simply to starve the American Indian to death by targeting and exterminating their food supply.

Now back to the year 2013, according to “Scott Lively” a world renowned lawyer and researcher… Scott has written a book about: “cited” books by German doctors and officials that proves that the Nazi’s were homosexuals. That being proven, it is very obvious what is going on…

Our United States home grown homosexuals have grown up to be 2013 Nazi’s with years and decades of preparation behind them by seducing our elementary school children with homosexual acts and education. Not only that, these evil Nazi’s manufactured from Hell, Satan possessed perverted Fags, have perverted just about every movie Hollywood has put out for the last 20 years.

The reason for all the privacy intrusion is, our new Nazi nation is spying on the rest of us normal folks to find out if men are actually sticking their fist up another man’s ass. With all the brain washing on our world wide children they simply want to make sure we are all converting peacefully into homosexual fags who stick their fist up each others ass!

This is no joke folks!

Fags actually stick their fist up each other’s ass, according to Fag protesters who admit to doing this on a video at

America its time to Wake Up!

Take back your country, one disabled Nazi Fag Homosexual at a time.

All the evidence is now at your door step…

Wake up and take action!

 I do my best to keep everyone happy, so please enjoy this site since it was unconditionally especially made for you!
My United States Coast Guard picture with the American Flag behind me.

You come into this world butt naked without accepting Jesus as your Savior... Hopefully you leave this world with Jesus as your Savior in a last ditch effort to escape the flames of eternal damnation in Hell!
IBM has announced somewhere around 2016 you will be able to communicate - Mind to Mind - with out facebook. Right now in Europe people are being used as test dummies without their consent or knowledge of what's going on. While they are in the hospital getting work done they are implanted with the chip, and there are currently no devices with the ability to detect the nano implant chip.

The benefits are you will be able to upload software apps to your mind to be smarter in certain areas of your life.

No joke!

This is officially real according to "IBM'

More info is at this website:

Embedded Brain Chip in Your Brain - according to "IBM"

United States President Obama, must be a Nazi, simply because he publicly televised on American News stations that he supports the Fag Nazi Homosexual movement...

President Obama must be a Nazi, simply because he supports the Fag Nazi Homosexual Movement
Obama approves Fag Marriage on National Television...

According to this video, the Fag Nazi Homosexuals have declared war against us Christians and our school children…


According to this video, the Fag Nazi Homosexuals have declared war against us Christians and our school children

How Do We Humans Protect Ourselves from Nazi Fags (Homosexuals) in our own Family’s and

Hard Rock Evidence of God Splitting a Huge Rock in Half for Moses to Provide Water for Millions of People.

Gabe on June 4, 2013 · 101 comments

Within the contents of this video you will find indisputable hard core evidence of the Holy Bible documenting a directional map that leads Moses and the people of Israel through the Red Sea to Mount Zion.

Hard Rock Evidence of God

They way I see things on the subject of God are…

God created man to live forever in a world that would also live forever and would never die. When God’s design did not work out as originally designed the fact that man will live forever has never changed because that is the way God made man.

From all the documentation on this subject within the pages of the Holy Bible and myself being a man, I personally came to the theory that the original genetic make up of man has not changed and will never change. My theory on the subject is God simply split man into two just like the giant rock being split in this video…

God split man into a physical man on earth and the other half of man is living in the spiritual world that God custom adjusted for man to live…

Maybe this is why we have dreams when we sleep, we may just be roaming around in our other world, which is our spiritual world.

Since God created man to live forever, man has to live in an environment designed for each individual personality, of each man created by God on earth.  No matter what may arise in man, positive or negative, God can always adjust the environment of man and provide the daily needs of God’s very unique creation called man.

As a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, when man physically dies on earth he automatically goes to his eternal environment God has prepared for his other half. Some of us men will go straight up to heaven, and some will go straight to hell!

Watch this video, and then ask Jesus to forgive you and accept his holy gift of eternal life in heaven, simply for believing Jesus is the real deal!

Time is running out and the cost to make this life changing decision is free…

You have nothing to lose, simply accept the truth about God, Jesus and the Holy living Spirit.

Make sure to leave a comment below this blog.


How Do We Humans Protect Ourselves from Nazi Fags (Homosexuals) in our own Family’s and Government?

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do

Gabe on June 23, 2013 · 100 comments

It’s recently come to my attention that all of us humans on earth are sinners in Gods eyes, none of us meets God’s pure expectations or even come close…

It’s also recently come to my attention that some of the sin’s inside other people we humans know is so bad that it’s very obvious where that person is going if us other Christians on earth do not help the people we know and love who are severely infested with sin. I mean the sin is so bad that even a person going straight to hell can recognize how evil another human’s sin really is…

But, that person committing the sin has no earthly idea of the great sin they are involved in simply because Satan has taken over their life from birth, it’s the job of us mature Christians to help those people recognize that their sin will send them directly to hell if Jesus and his Christians on earth do not intervene to help them on the road to forgiveness.

So, today I’m posting this video about Jesus’s last seven sayings.

Please enjoy the post and leave your comments below.

Gabe on May 25, 2013 · 16


Thanks to “Scott Lively” a world renowned researcher and lawyer who recently published a book called:"The Pink Swastica", who by accident discovered that the Nazi’s were actually Fag Homosexuals….

Once Scott found the scent on a trail to this now known fact like any good lawyer…

Scott discovered hundreds of books that were actually cited by government officials who actually documented the sexual dysfunction in the Nazi’s.

Scott now has the attic of his house filled with these books as references to his hundreds of hours of research into this very important subject.

According to Scott, during the previous wars possibly thousands of these books that documented his discovery were deliberately publicly burned.

I myself Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. have always suspected that the Fag movement was something evil and contained much deeper secrets than appeared on the surface.

A lot of my fellow humans on earth have previously criticized me for being so concerned about a bunch of homosexual Fags, but today with Scott’s discovery this has confirmed by suspicions that have haunted me for over the last two decades.

I’m an old fashioned street fighter who grew up with beer at the age of 14 and multiple street fights on the streets of Las Vegas, New Mexico, simultaneously attending two years of high school there and being on the High School wrestling team.

Welcome to the Year 2013

Welcome to the year 2013
Gabe on August 15, 2013 · 10 comments
Hello, my name is Gabriel De La Vega Jr. and today’s date is August 14, 2013…
Somewhere around the year 1987 I met a stranger on a public street carrying a guitar case. This stranger claimed the FBI just tore apart his scientific laboratory that was in his garage because he discovered a way to control a persons mind by embedding a computer chip in a person.
This person also claimed all the paper work was inside the guitar case he was carrying.
At that time I was out on the town chasing girls and more girls. So, what he was telling really did not matter at that moment…
But, today in the year 2013, I completely understand why he let me in on his little secret. It’s very obvious by the looks of our current society that the FBI had caught up to this guy and simply assassinated him. His body parts are probably now digested by a shark swimming in some unknown ocean.
The reason this person exposed this truth in 1986 is in my opinion because he was very aware of the upcoming fact that their would be a time in the near future when this technology would expose itself to the public like it is now doing in the year 2013. By letting me in on that information he was making me aware of the changes that were going to immediately unfold in front of my eyes. This person knew I was a straight United States Coast Guardsman at that time who took an oath to protect my country from evil…

The stuff he was letting me in on was certainly 100% percent pure non stoppable evil and our own FBI and government were the extreme evil in the year 1986.

This person knew that my training in the Military would give me will power to resist this new technology that was about to be layered over the American population without their knowledge of it happening. I’ve been aware of this technology since this person let me in on the information and I’ve been able to survive the rough waves in my life caused by this technology simply because I was aware of what was happening around me.

Today’s obvious truth is the homosexual male fags have got control of this technology and they have convinced the world that being a homosexual fag and making a fag, a decent citizen in a Godly civilized society is okay.

IBM announced somewhere in the year 2016 they will have a implant that will allow you to connect to the internet and other peoples brains with out your cell phone but only your thoughts.

In the year 1967 Dr. Delgado of Spain controlled a charging bull with a remote control and was the first person to scientifically prove that the bull’s brain along with the human brain could be controlled and told what to do next.

Since Dr. Delgado many scientist have conducted experiments controlling brains and human thoughts up to today where we now have the technology to download all your memories in vivid color and real time action to a hard drive on someone’s computer. All your memories can be uploaded to my brain if I have the IBM Chip implanted in my body.

New scientific chatter on the internet claims that people in Europe have been test dummies by going to the doctor and getting some work done and leaving with this new Nano brain chip implant in them and not even know it’s in their body. As of today in the year 2013 there is not a device on the market you can buy to detect the new Nano chip if it’s in your body.

So how do you know if you have the chip in your body?

The answer is you won’t know until a public scanner becomes available for sale to let you know you have the implant in you.

I’m sure the IBM implant will have a scanner to let you know. But what about the other manufacturers of these chips that have no way of being detected?

Folks today I simply want to let you know, that you are now a piece of computer hardware that can be loaded with a computer software app that can be uploaded to your brain. Yes, it’s now very simple to program a human person even without them knowing they have been programmed to suck dick and be a fag who takes it up the butt, or else simply vote for Obama the current president of the United States.

There is no privacy today, every thought you make can now in the year 2013 be downloaded into someone’s hard drive in full video color…

Welcome to the year 2013.

More info about this subject can be located at this website:

In 1983 I returned to my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada and joined the United States Coast Guard at the age of 17 at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, I was sworn in under a glass chandelier… In 1987 I "Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr." received an honorable discharge to take care of all the children, girlfriends and wives that I some how created during one year of drinking somewhere around the year 1986.

My point is… I grew up in a very unique macho environment and homosexual fags to me at that age, even at any age seemed and currently seems like some sort of alien from another planet that simply needs their guts splattered all over the sidewalk. My concern is do the Fag Nazi homosexuals feel the same way about every other living human on earth that is “NOT” a male homosexual Nazi Fag?

Well folks, it’s pretty obvious what is currently going on in the ranks of humans in the world of today and yesterday…

History serves a purpose; history is there to review what has happened in the past and to prevent bad events such as the Nazi holocaust from happening in the future.

Now that we now officially know the truth, us humans educated or simply plain dumb uneducated humans can now put the pieces together and figure out what is going on…

If Nazi’s were truly Fag homosexuals like Scott Lively has proven, that means genetically home grown personalities of a Nazi fag homosexual any where in the world will turn to his natural instinct which is become part of the Nazi movement which promotes fag male Nazi butt sex and the elimination of life in any way to every other human on earth that is not a Fag Nazi homosexual.

This is described in the Holy Bible as evil from the devil Satan, who roams the earth seeking recruits to accompany himself in Hell for eternal damnation in the burning flames in the lake of fire without any hope of every escaping.

In regards to regular Christian people reading this…

This is a very scary and real information that I’m handing you today, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if Scott Lively has actually discovered true information from his hundreds of hours of research and cited uncovered secret books, our world wide global domestic Fag Nazi homosexuals that are family members and government officials will soon turn on you like a vicious known species of a domestic baby lion in your living room near your children, who may eat your entire family while you are at work when this lion grows up.

Us humans on earth need to immediately address this life threatening situation and immediately find a solution before we all become a extinct species due to the nature of the  home grown earths evil Fag Nazi homosexuals in the worlds family’s and governments.

Honestly straight Christian America, I do not have the answer to this problem. But Jesus does…

Every Christian needs to continue doing the work of Jesus and continuing applying the Holy Spirit to this evil situation and Jesus will take care of it and guide us normal followers of Christ to the Holy solution.

Astonishing Nazi Fact’s uncovered by: Scott Lively

Astonishing Nazi Fact's uncovered by: Scott Lively

Gabe on May 23, 2013 · 96 comments

The Nazi’s Were Fags (Homosexuals)….

Hundreds if not thousands of books actually document the fact that the Nazi’s were actual Homosexual Fags!

If President Obama approves Fag (Homosexual) marriage, this heavily documented  fact by Obama means he’s granting the Nazi’s the permission to practice the Nazi lifestyle right here in America.

Scott Lively has graduated college and is currently an authentic lawyer who practices law.

Scott has so many credentials to back up his hundreds of hours of research into this subject.

The Fags of America have been trying to stop him from getting this message out.

Please take the time out of your life to listen to this video and get the truth about our human history on earth.

The Fags of America want to do the same thing the Nazi’s did in Germany which is to physically kill every person that is not a Fag (Homosexual).

The Fags in the Holocaust were put into camps, but the fags were not put in death camps. But the Jews were put into death camps.

The only reason some fags were put in prison camps was strictly for political reasons.

But the whole Nazi regime was documented as being homosexual.

Scott’s book is named: The Pink Swastika.

The bottom line is America is currently under siege by the Fag Nazi’s and they are very dangerous and should be detained in any way possible.

They are truly demons walking on earth in human bodies with nothing but pure evil on their agenda.

Please leave your comments below.

Total Intrusion on Your Privacy by Google

 Total Intrusion on Your Privacy by Google

According to the video attached to this blog…  

Google has a patent published with the United States Patent office that discreetly incrementally collects household sounds from your computer microphone to determine what type of television commercials the television broadcasters should play on your television.

This is no surprise, I simply wonder if Google has ever got any government funding from the United States government in any way.  Or maybe Google is the government in an under cover disguise.

United States President Obama, must be a Nazi, simply because he publicly televised on American News Stations that he supports the Fag Nazi Homosexual movement...

If America has to go war with Syria, lets make sure congress impeaches Obama first!Obama has pledged seven billion dollars to Africa for some kind of city work fund. But, when Obama is asked to approve the F.E.M.A disaster relief fund to assist the fire disaster victims in Arizona during the year 2013, where 19 firefighters lost their lives… Obama refused to assist Arizona in getting relief money for F.E.M.A.
The Obama administration is simply practicing the same evil the white people used to inflict on the slaves a few hundred years ago in America and across the globe.  I’m sure the echo in the White House that day that F.E.M.A requested money was, Arizona is just a bunch of white people and Mexicans, so who cares!
It looks like the black American African is simply trying to replicate what the black South Africans are currently doing right now to the white South Africans.
Exactly this moment as we speak, there is thousands of white South Africans living in camps with one community toilet. The white farmers in South Africa are being shot at their local grocery store while they are shopping for supplies.
Wake up America and look deep inside to who you really are and what your intention for America really is.

This is a very scary and real information that I’m handing you today, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if Scott Lively has actually discovered true information from his hundreds of hours of research and cited uncovered secret books, our world wide global domestic Fag Nazi Homosexuals that are family members and government officials will soon turn on you like a vicious known species of a domestic baby lion in your living room near your children, who may eat your entire family while you are at work when this lion grows up.

"The Fags in the Holocaust were put into camps, but the fags were not put in death camps. But the Jews were put into death camps."

"The only reason some fags were put in prison camps was strictly for political reasons"

Source of information: "Scott Lively" ( World Renown Researcher and Attorney of Law)

Regardless of who did what and how they did it, it’s now done. The year 2013 has arrived with many technological advances in favor of the government and not the hard working people of earth.

With this kind of data processed it can be sent out to every type of manufacturer of any type of product to determine what to sell us next.  The problem is… What happens when the people with all this technology finally determine that all us humans want is food, water and love?

Some others may simply want a beer...

After these big elite wigs with all the cash finally conclude there is nothing left that they can sell us because we are simply too educated…

Well, I hate to break the news to you folks, but these people who control our government like a puppet on a string simply may decide to create “Martial Law” with all the data processed from the Google microphones, and then they simply start exterminating the population because they can’t pull any more dollar bills from our butt holes.

The question is…

What are us Americans going to do about it?

Fortunately for the world, the American people are the only people on earth who are conditioned to fight from child hood in regards to this kind of evil.  We still have rights in this country to raise our voice and implement the American constitution into our daily lives.

Now that we know what the government is doing with our superior technology we can raise all kinds of hell and arm grandma with a machine gun in the kitchen while she’s cooking some grub for her grandchildren.

America stock up on guns ammo and every freedom that God gave you in America and get ready for the next Martial Law intrusion into your household and protect your self from the evil United States government.

One more thing America, after this 2013 Martial Law drill in “Boston, MA (USA)”, we the people of America have every right in the world to impeach president Obama with a boot up his ass, as he walks out of the United States white house for good!

The United States Government or anyone can now listen to your every word and movement with your cell phone off!

Government is listening to you via your cell phone while it is off!

Gabe on May 21, 2013 · 14 comments

The United States Government or anyone can now listen to your every word and movement with your cell phone off!

The only way to stop this type of intrusion is by removing the battery from your cell phone.

It’s no secret folks, everyone knows that the government and any one else who downloads some software off the internet can listen to your every move and phone conversations as well as your private conversations in your household.

It’s very obvious why the Obama administration is so helpful in providing free cell phones for everyone.  Free phones to the population means more control over every detail of your personal and financial life.

If you have a customer who is on the way to your house to buy that used car for sale in your driveway… Well, now if the government wants to make sure you stay poor so you can not pay your bills, they simply send some one with an old used government car to smash into your customer who is on the way to your house to give you money for that car in your driveway…  They simply call this an accident.

If the government wants to know every detail of your life, they usually have the money and man power, plus an unlimited supply of financial and other resources to control your every positive opportunity to make money like a puppet on a string…

If for some reason they think you will use a gun to shoot them in the  head or throat once they come crashing through your door in the name of “Martial Law,” they will do everything in their power to prevent you from having money to buy guns, bullets and supplies to protect your home. The more of a American Patriot you are, the more the spying government entity’s will listen and target your household as well as every interior and exterior detail in your life.

Now a day’s the U.S. government is offering you money for your guns…

Wake up America!

The government now knows how many times you fart in your sleep.  They now have so much technology to watch and listen to your every move that is almost suffocating to even think of the enormous amount of data that is currently collected on every American in the United States with cell phones and other technologies, like heat detection devices to look through your walls and ceilings.

With my background in completing numerous computer science correspondence courses in the year 1996 … Today in the year 2013, I could just imagine the leaps and bounds in technology that has been developed to ensure a computer program is written to do just about anything when it come to population  control.

In other words the U.S. government probably by now has some kind of software that automatically accumulates data on a person simply by turning the computer switch off and on.

The government can even control population by making it difficult to see and communicate with your own girlfriend; they may even be pissing of God by separating legally married couples to prevent more children from being born.  This may be a reason for the high divorce rate.

If the government wants to isolate a person from his friends, family and bank account or simply, set up a person to fail in what ever that person is trying to accomplish in life… It can now be easily done with the right spy equipment and computer technology.

What I’m typing today may not be what you want to hear, but according to numerous videos attached to this blog that I’m presenting to you today, there are all kinds of videos on You Tube preaching the same message.

So, now a day’s when it comes to anything in your life, such as a relationship with a lover or a business deal. It has to be government approved to flourish and be successful.

This is way to much control for an organization whether it be the U.S. government or else any organization or individual with this type of common everyday cheap, inexpensive technology.

What is your opinion?

No Gas Chamber or Lethal Injections for These Korean Pigs…

Pigs Buried Alive

Gabe on May 19, 2013 · 99 comments

In this video you will witness thousands of pigs being buried alive. Just think what Obama and his butt buddies who approve national Fag marriage have in store for you Americans…

If the incompetence of the American government continues in the direction its going, these demons running our country will not even execute you humanely. Knowing our government they will do something like dig a hole in the ground and bury live people on top of each other while they are still breathing, screaming at each other and simply being alive…

I urge every American to realize that this kind of extermination of the American population is no joke. I personally have been aware of the slow government take over since 1993 when a local cop Bostick, who works for the Henderson, Nevada (USA) police department entered my home and claimed I kicked him in the groin (balls) on a domestic call from my second legal ex-wife; I haven’t seen my 3rd legal wife since 1998, but the way things are going I do not know if I will have time to divorce her to get ready for wife number four…

Any way the cop named Bostick plain out lied and clearly told me I have no rights…

Today in the year 2013 I’m still trying to clean my record and prove my innocence from Bostick’s lie. But now since the 2013 Boston Martial Law drill I’m absolutely 100 % convinced the United States is planning to physically kill and simply execute millions of Americans of the air; out of their lungs…

The ground work and foundation have been set up before my eyes since my awakening in December 1993, with the participation of this cop Bostick in an evil lie, associated with the Henderson, Nevada police department located in the United States of America.

This cop must have been told by his superiors to do what ever he wants because they will cover him and that he is above the law. Its very obvious looking at the surface of this cops actions that this is exactly what is going on in the Henderson, Nevada police department along with the nation wide participating police departments across the United States.

I’m a target because I’m a very outspoken ex military person. They know what I’m capable of because they sent our United States Coast Guard crew to a U.S. Army bomb school to get trained on how to make household bombs somewhere in the year 1984 or maybe 1985…

This is a conspiracy by our United States government to extinguish my capabilities to help innocent Americans in a time when a criminal regime is physically taking over the United States and executing martial law.

They have been physically and financially targeting American veterans like me who do not put up with this type of sneaky murder upon my fellow innocent Americans.

In other words I’m not a Fag and I do not approve of Fags in the United States Military and I do not approve of this Fag government running the United States of America.

I’m simply an old fashioned street fighter who at 14 through 17 years old was a wrestler in high school and I used to drink beer in my teenage years and fought every weekend simultaneously with three to five drunk Mexican Americans in the streets of Las Vegas, New Mexico during my two years of high school there, I then returned to my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada and joined the U.S Coast Guard at the age of 17, in the year 1983 at the Circus Circus hotel. I was sworn in under a glass Chandelier…

I was honorably discharged from the United States Coast Guard in the year 1987 to take care of all the children, girlfriends and wives that I some how created while I was slightly drunk in my old drinking day’s. Just for the record I have not had a drink of liquor since 1996 and I’m completely sober and I know exactly what I’m currently typing.

I’m simply a plain old American like most of you…

Americans need to be aware of these criminals trying to kill off us Americans and consider life saving multiple methods of fixing the problem that is clearly now in our face before the Martial Law enthusiast make their next move in your neighborhood.

Please leave your comments below.

The Holy Spirit is Now Filling Bodies!

The Holy Spirit is now Filling

Gabe on May 18, 2013 · 53 comments

This is a Video only shown on You Tube about the Holy Spirit filling Bodies.

The Holy Spirit lives in my body and has directed me to post this video for Godly reasons.

So, if you are reading this sentence you are now God’s target!

This is real energy from the Holy Spirit that I have personally experienced many times over, additionally at this time and forever I get Zapped by the Holy Spirit simply by saying a few words in tongues.

Please leave your comments below and watch the entire video.

American Police Making Their Own Laws

American Police Making Their Own Laws

Gabe on May 18, 2013 · 95 comments


This is a video about American Police making their own laws. The police in this video should be a little bit more human…

A police officer like this will tell lies all the way to the judge and some how justify to himself that his actions were correct.

The police officer in this video was simply not doing his job correctly in my opinion…

Video taping in public is legal. If you video tape on a public street that is legal in a free country like the United States.

What happened in this video is this particular group of police officers told the person recording in public, that it is illegal to video tape on a public street.

Do these police officers actually think they own the public streets?

Do these police officers actually think they own your wife’s vagina?

Do these police officers actually believe they have the right to enter your yard and kill you, your family, simultaneously killing every living thing on your property?

America, get your fat ass away from the television set, then remove yourself from the box surrounding your television set and your brain thoughts, simply throw the box away and climb out!

Wake up America!

You are under attack from Satan in police uniforms, along with the man currently sitting in the 2013 presidential white house seat that approves Fag (homosexual) male to male butt sex in your neighborhood in front of your children!

This is a total totalitarian hoodlum regime taking siege of America by storm all across the country.

Our U.S. tax dollars should go to the person with the camera in his hand and offer that person an unlimited supply of U.S. tax dollars to sue the pants off of the police officer who claims it is illegal to video tape on a public street.

Every U.S. tax dollar should be used to accelerate the use of public video taping on public streets and also used to lock up cops like the lying cop in this video for at least a year, until these multiple self ruling cops realizes video taping on a public street should be legal in a free country like the United States of America…

America take back your country!

As for his partners, they should all be locked up along with this cop who say’s its illegal to be video taping in public…

All these cops should also be charged for being smelly and ugly on public property, and utilizing the tax payers dollars to harass normal citizens doing normal things in public.

What Does Martial Law in the United States Mean to You!

 Obama approves population reduction in the United States

To me martial law in the United States simply means an extension of the current martial law taking place inside the United States right now…

If the current demons running our local and national government can not physically kill you; they will simply attack your finances and your ability to make money. After that they simply expect you to die of no friends and money.

Once the demons running these governments in the United States realize that Jesus is real and he provides food and friends for the average Christian on earth, these demons in government go one step further and create physical martial law. 

Now, to me this simply means the police and any other government agency can legally arrest you or your family for simply walking the street after curfew which I speculate will be somewhere between 7 and 10 pm everyday.

 I also personally believe that a continuous state of martial law in the United States simply means every citizen is in a holding tank, which in this scenario, is your own living room...

 Now as these government politicians roam the beaches of America at night raping your daughter’s and your brothers daughter’s with ruthless speech and baseball bats to their heads once their done having sex with your kid...

Mean while as this is going on, you are simply in line, in the comfort of your own home waiting to get executed via gunshots to the body or else simply you will be escorted to the nearest gas chamber.

Now as this woman writer & researcher “Susanne Posel” clearly explains in her video the land in America is currently owned by China and other countries that have investments in the United States.  China has well over a billion people so they certainly know how to handle population in a communist fashion.

Combine China and every other radical leader that is not a Christian into one arena and let them figure out a way of moving to America with their U-haul truck on a boat over the ocean to their new piece of land that they have the deed to...

There’s only one problem to this very realistic scenario… There’s currently American's living on the land they currently financially own.

These world wide wack jobs want to kill the obsolete straight Christian American, simply because a bank somewhere in the world told them they are the owners of the land you the average American's are currently living on.

Writer & researcher “Susanne Posel” claims and explains in detail in her videos that our own government is attempting to kill us Americans one at a time. I honestly believe her because I caught these guys with their hand in the cookie jar several times in my own life experiences as a American on earth...

 Yes! They have come after me in several ways.  But I’m an ex military person and I have the ability to recognize severe evil in our own United States government just like a dog would recognize a evil change in his owner who feeds him each day.

 Truthfully, we are nothing more than dogs on this planet if you earn less than a million dollars a year to these perverted Fags that are currently running our government.  The truth has to be exposed to you everyday Americans earning a measly $20,000 to $50,000 per year.

Yes! These evil Fag bankers are not only coming after your land, vagina and every other asset you own in 2013, they want to reduce the American population to only 66 million people according to this woman writer & researcher “Susanne Posel” who explains this clearly in her video at:  .

In conclusion this is what martial law in the United States means to me.

Obama Approves of Reducing the Population to Only 66 Million Americans

Obama Approves of Reducing the Population to Only 66 Million Americans
Gabe on May 14, 2013 · 87 comments

Get ready to turn your boy’s into men!

This woman knows what she is talking about…

She has a talent to communicate the facts about the new fag world order that is coming which requires the United States Global Land Owners to reduce the population of the United States to 66 million politically correct fag (homosexual) orientated people.

Right now she explains how current politicians have actually plain out admitted that the U.S Government needs to reduce the population to 66 million Americans to accommodate this new Global totalitarian  government. In other words the bible is fulfilling its prophecy’s

Listen to this whole video and please leave your comments below. I will answer your comments on the blog attached to this link.

The United States of America has a National Emergency with their Children!

Brother Stabs Sister!

This is a sick story of little girl being stabbed in her home and the brother turned out to be the person arrested for stabbing his sister, in which he previously lied about the stabbing to thousands of people.

The United States Presidency and the United States internal social infrastructure is so Fagatized that a 12 year old boy stabs his sister then lie’s about it…

Listen! This country the United States of America needs some old fashioned belt to the ass on their kids. The government has to stop promoting homosexuality in the schools, along with Obama promoting it on national television, then allow men to be men and women be women and for God’s sake let a man whip his own kid in his own house with out the swat team showing up at his door with guns in the fathers face!

Make homosexuality illegal and bring back morals and values to our children who are our future!

Big boy’s stabbing little girls is a sign of a dysfunctional society...

 This is a major national emergency that has penetrated the minds of our children to make them professional liars and professional evil Fags.

Bring back John Wayne to the television screen along with some morals in the education of our American children … There is simply to many trashy school teachers, trashy parents, and trashy politicians running Fag America...

 Something in this country needs to change, because the kids of this country are taking America straight into the toilet with all the politically correct Fag lies!

This is a sick story of little girl being stabbed in her home and the brother turned out to be the person arrested for stabbing his sister then lying about it to thousands of people that was posted on the home page of on 05-11-2013, I also included some additional videos on the subject, which are attached to this blog.

Please click here to leave your comments

Look at the faces in this lightning storm...

Click picture for larger view.

Look at the face in this  lightning storm...

Visible Faces in a Cnn News Lightning Storm Video


Lightning Storms

Gabe on May 11, 2013

As a professional truck driver for over a decade now, I’ve spent hours upon hours out on the open highway of America and I know anytime I look up into the open sky I will find a multitude of faces in the sky…

Honestly those faces in the sky are your only companions as a national coast to coast truck driver on the open highway of the United States of America. These living faces and storms have a tendency to follow a truck driver on the open road and in a way they will communicate with the truck driver and sometimes simply play with the driver with a gust of wind to rattle you off the highway into the next lane.

I get a lot of tumble weeds blown at me on the open highway and all kinds of strange weather events.

I once had those kind of noticeable unforgettable experiences years ago driving through the state of Kansas where I was actually being followed by some type of lightning storm and it seemed to just be having fun with me showing all its lights and colors.

Any way I’m not going to beat the bush any more. I have a treat for you today; because of all my experiences with the sky and storms I happened to be watching a video on about a lightning storm. I took a picture of the “Cnn News” video on my computer and looked for some faces… Sure enough! The first picture I took of the video I immediately found two faces that I want to share with you today along with some additional video’s of lightning storms that I found on the internet.

Enjoy this enlightenment in your life.

Look at the face in this  lightning storm...

Yellow Cab in Phoenix Arizona does not have Proper Insurance on their Taxi’s.

Yellow Cab in Phoenix Arizona does not have Proper Insurance on their Taxi’s.

Hello, my name is Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

I’ve been driving for a living since 1994; I drove a taxi in Las Vegas, Nevada from the year 1994 to the year 2000. In the year 2000 I got my Commercial Drivers License to drive semi trucks. Since the year 2000 I’ve been driving big trucks and sometimes taxi’s on the weekends. I just finished a two year tour of the United States from 2010 to 2012 driving coast to coast from one side of the United States to the other with my Rottweiler dog.

I simply want to warn any other taxi driver’s who work for Yellow Cab in Phoenix, Arizona that Yellow cab is running some kind of insurance fraud scam and is not properly insured. I also want to warn the people who deliberately side swipe taxi’s for money to not expect money from Yellow Cab, getting money out of Yellow Cab is like pulling teeth out of an elephant.

I’m currently being sued for $50.00 a month for the actions of a fast food manager who side swiped the taxi that I was driving in Phoenix Arizona that was a Yellow Cab in the year 2010.

I repeatedly called Yellow Cab and they have simply brushed off my calls. I now have to get a lawyer to sue "Yellow Cab" for fraud. You see at that time I was paying Yellow Cab somewhere in the range of $25.00 a day which included the fee for my insurance coverage. Now in the year 2013 I’m being sued for somewhere in the range of $4,000 to $5,000 dollars for the actions of a driver not paying attention to his driving.

I’m Hispanic, the driver who side swiped my (Yellow Cab owned) taxi was a white manager of a fast food joint. The police in Arizona are so racist they immediately give the ticket to the Mexican looking person which was I before they even considered giving the ticket to the white person. The majority of the cops in Phoenix, Arizona at that time were white. So, even if I had a Latino cop at the scene he would be influenced by his white superiors to give me the ticket.

The bottom line is the Phoenix Valley is infested with Mormons who are influenced by the word of Warren Jeffs who they consider God, Now this guy Jeffs currently has a hard on for Latino’s because he’s in jail being beaten up by Latino’s every chance a Latino get’s the chance to kick his ass in jail.

So, all the Mormons across the state of Arizona are instructed to attack the Latino’s in any way possible, police and politicians are Mormons in Arizona and that is why there is so much hatred in Arizona for the Mexican people, simply because of the Mormon cult.

I know this is very difficult for you to understand, so please bear with me and read on….

Now, the owner of Yellow Cab is some kind of Iranian named Hussein, now his God is named Mohammed instead of the Mormon God Warren Jeffs. Once again you have a millionaire person who owns a cab company who really does not like Mexicans because, Mexicans pray to the one and only living God named Jesus. As a matter of fact Mohammed followers despise this type of worship of Catholic and Christian Mexican looking people.

Now, the third dilemma in Arizona for the Latino’s in Arizona at Yellow Cab is that most of the management that Hussein hired are Fags and Lesbians...
Now Fags and Lesbians worship Lucifer the Devil in Hell strictly because of their lifestyle which involves "Same Sex Marriage".

You as Americans simply need to know the fact’s about the state of Arizona and the fact that Yellow Cab in Phoenix Arizona does not have proper insurance for their taxi driver’s as well as the passengers who ride inside the “Yellow Taxi”.

I have to now sue and settle with Yellow Cab in Phoenix Arizona for doing my job properly and serving the citizens in the valley of Phoenix Arizona.

This type of Arizona business is a disgrace to the human population on earth.

Why do Americans wear their Pants Below their Ass?

Why do Americans wear their Pants Below their Ass?

Have you ever questioned yourself why a growing number of Americans wear their pants below their ass?

I tried not to think of such horrific people until I’m faced with a multiple pair of Americans in the grocery store with their pants below their ass trying to hump my leg like a bunch of dogs out of a 2013 horror flick.

I’m not a very fond believer of a public dress code… But sometimes we Americans are just a little too lenient…

Since the world wide economy is currently going straight down the tubes because of machines and computers that are dramatically reducing the work force of the world.

I personally believe the reason for this shocking array of Americans deliberately showing their underwear in public and listening to rap music while simultaneously dancing and walking… I personally believe it is because the lack of morale school teachers in American schools and the lack of morale American parents who themselves wear their pants below their ass.

I witnessed a man with two children and a wife getting out of their family car… The strange thing is the father had his pants below his ass.

 This has gone far beyond a temporary fad for teenagers; this has become an evil culture from the Devil Satan in the depths of Hell!

How degrading for a child to have his or her father walking in public with his pants below his ass!

This type of behavior is becoming a culture disease that has seeped and crepe d it’s way into the American White House in Washington D.C. the nations capitol!

The honest down to earth solution to this problem is make a strict law to arrest anyone who deliberately, without a question, display’s this type of behavior and immediately send them to a prison where they are forced to pick up trash off the American highways of America in a bright orange uniforms for at least one year.

This will clean up the highways of America and provide more jobs for prison guards and will hopefully eliminate this type of behavior.

If us Americans want a clean Christian society to live in we have to take measures like this to the next step to preach the gospel to these children who had father’s with their pants below their ass as a role model.

 God Bless America – Respect Your Flag!

Fags Polluting the American Flag in the Year 2013

The new United States Fag Flag...

Attached to this article is a picture of fags displaying the American Flag with all kinds of Fag colors…

Obama approves Fag Marriage on National Television...

(If these pictures are Fake, someone did a really good job because they look very real to me… They even have a quote out of Obama’s lips which claims he approves of  fag marriage)

Obama Kissing men on the lips...

Rhode Island just approved Fag marriage today on 5-2-2013 which now represents approximately 16% of the American Population that is affected by legal Fag marriage according to CNN news.

I just realized that the state of Massachusetts also approves Fag Marriage, since Boston is in the state of Massachusetts  which is  the target location of the bombers who killed and injured numerous people who undoubtedly must have been under tremendous pressure from the Fags that live in Boston, MA. From what I understand the bombers were from Russia and I’m not sure, but I do not think the country of Russia is totally Fagatized like the United States is...

Washington D,C, the United States Capitol even approves Fag marriage...

Our own United States President Obama approves of Americans practicing same male butt sex homosexuality techniques in the bedroom,  Obama himself has pictures of himself kissing men on the lips all over the internet.

Obama kissing men on the lips and the pictures do not look fake...

Wake up America!

Are all of you American voting citizens totally blind to the truth?

Is there some sort of coincidence going on here?

The state of New York has made Fag marriage legal and the 911 attack on the world wide twin towers happened there…


In 2013 another mass slaughter happened in Boston, MA which has approved Fag marriage.

Are the East Coast residents having a hard time swallowing Fag marriage?

Which Fag state is the next target of a mass slaughter attack?

Fag think they can start a new United States of America with their new Fag Flag...

These are valid questions that every United States citizen should take into consideration before voting for legal Fag marriage. Yes! You are helping the Fags, but on the same token you are getting the Fags slaughtered along with all the innocent people who did not vote for Fag marriage.

Is making Fag marriage legal really worth all this drama?

My fellow American’s, please wake up and follow the Law of God… God does not want you to vote for Fag Marriage!

God is real!

The Power of God is no joke!

According to this huge picture of various Fag activities inside the United States of America, its very obvious God the creator of man is extremely pissed off!

I do not know about you… But, I do not want to be on the receiving end of the one true living God (Jehovah) and his eternal wrath against Fags and their “supporters”.

I was not given the name “Gabriel” by accident. God always sends a messenger with the name “Gabriel” before he performs Godly events. I’m simply the messenger…

I’m a eternal vessel for the alive and well living Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, just like any other Christian who is utilized by the living Holy Spirit.
Just remember God does not change. But, humans living on earth forget to live by the law of God…Humans then become very evil!

God simply does what he has always done. He purifies the air of Fags!

When the true living God gets done with this planet. A true Christian man can stand on top of the tallest mountain, beat his own chest in the morning and sniff the pure sterilized air God has purified for all his children that actually respect his word that is eternally laid out in the Holy Bible.

Just so their is no misunderstandings, the wages of sin is physical death on earth plus eternal damnation in Hell! I know this hard for all you youngsters to comprehend but hell is real.  I know a lot of male Americans were abused sexually by a Fag daddy, fag teacher, Fag boy scout leader, Fag president of the United States of America  ect.

A lot of you simply do not get it. But my advise to any living creature on earth is do everything possible to avoid eternity in hell.  That includes rejecting what is a abomination in the eyes of the creator of the world us humans call earth, who posses your destiny forever!

This is serious business folks…

Bottom line is: what these Fags (homosexuals) have done to this country is absolutely ”Horrific”.

Bombing Suspect Caught on Video Gets a Prison Hotel with a Gym & Library

Listening to the latest news on CNN news leads me to believe our own Mormon Fag dictating government is secretly in on the whole bombing incident. Think about it. A few honest Boston, MA police take the initiative to catch the bomber, and then he ends up in some fancy prison at the tax payer’s expense.

This seems very suspicious, at a time when this particular 19 year olds bombing legs should have already been surgically removed by prison doctors as a form of rehabilitation, Obama, along with the U.S. government has already promised this young adult a bed, breakfast facility and maybe he’ll even sneak in a few hookers as a bonus.

What ever the reasoning for this type of result, it is a sure indication that the people running the Justice system in The United States of America is living high on the hog along with our entire world wide terrorist who decide to spontaneously kill innocent Americans.

We have honest hard working Americans living on the streets of the United States, eating out of trash cans because our United States government is sending police into honest Americans homes and totally separating good Christian men from their children, with all these new west side of the United States Federal Mormon “Warren Jeff's” Laws mixed with some good old fashioned San Francisco, CA and Arizona pink colored Fag politician imputation...

With decades of Mormon and other religious brainy nut jobs, praying to each other versus praying to God, our country called the United States of America has absolutely unfortunately become a playground for Satan.

The Cult – Warren Jeffs – Prick Head Claims – Obey the Prophet.

Gabe on April 22, 2013 · 108 comments

The Cult – Warren Jeffs – Prick Head Claims – Obey the Prophet.

You know I really do not like getting into any one’s business… But, if good men sit back and do nothing…

Who’s going to save the children…?

Eighteen year old white boy’s born in America who can not read…

Female white American girls, who were taught in school that Warren Jeffs is the President of the United States…

To think I voted for a Mormon in the 2012 election called Mitt Romney…

I really did not know who else there was to vote for…

After watching this video every Mormon Church in the country should be confiscated by the United States Government and made into a retarded school for rehabilitating Mormon men, simultaneously back slapping the back of their heads!

I just never knew how bad the Mormon situation really was, until I watched this video!

Inside the United States these Mormons have been punishing Mexican American’s and every other race and religion, when they themselves are self made “Monsters” from the depths of Hell!

Watch this video and leave your opinion below…



April 24, 2013 at 4:36 am 

The point is these Mormons have churches all across the country supporting dictator’s at the top. Not only that! They have regular creatures of God praying to and fearing another creature of God… This angers God very much… (Period) I rest my Case!

Hell bound Mormons on a slick sheet of Ice sliding eternally to hell simply to thaw out the frozen brain that actually put them into Hell!

God is no Joke!

I have had the Holy Spirit talk to me. God told me “Yesterday” that he will “Crush” my enemies. “Today” (24 hours later) I was at the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas, Nevada and I met an old enemy I used to work with as a Taxi driver. I had not seen him in over 10 years… I was just happy to see him and I stuck out my hand for a good old fashioned hand shake, then my old enemy informed me that he got crushed years ago by another taxi that was backing up while he was unloading luggage and my old enemy was literally crushed and almost died!

He’s still recovering at this time today!

Just listen to God because he’s no Joke!

My living real God (Jesus – The Holy Spirit – Jehovah which = the Trinity) makes any criminal Mafia leader which is human look like a baby sucking on a pacifier.


April 23, 2013 at 6:45 am  

There’s a Mormon lady who died and went to hell, then the doctors brought her back to life to talk about it.

This is serious business if you’re a Mormon, you will definitely want to watch this video, it’s currently at


April 23, 2013 at 6:10 am  

The true God is: Jesus, God (Jehovah) and the Holy Spirit – all three are the same one spirit which is called the Trinity. This is the living God!

According to thousands of testimonials of people who have died and come back to life… It’s now authenticated scientific evidence that people either go straight to hell or else straight to heaven. This proves the Mormons are absolutely wrong when they claim you go to a third place when you die. The scientific evidence has proven to modern day 2013 mankind that there is no other place for a human on earth except heaven and hell. It’s very clear that Jesus is the only way out of hell! You have to love and accept Jesus’s perfect gift of free life and treasures in heaven.

It’s free! So, accept Jesus today and check out all the evidence I have put together at:


April 23, 2013 at 6:16 am 

Jesus loves you and simply cares about you and he wants you to accept the truth which is: “Get the hell out of that cult!”


Gabe says:

April 23, 2013 at 6:19 am  

The deception was so professional I actually unknowingly voted for Mitt Romney last year who was a Mormon.

I looked at Obama and noticed he supported homosexuality which is an abomination in the eyes of God!

Now, I realize why God allowed Obama to win, which is God knew it would be much worse for the United States with Mitt Romney praying to Warren Jeffs or some other Mormon Cult leader!


Gabe says:

April 23, 2013 at 5:36 am  

I agree, these Mormons pray to Warren Jeff instead of God!


Gabe says:

April 23, 2013 at 6:31 am  

You sound like and Atheist! So, go to – once there you can simply read and listen to the compelling video’s of mountains of scientific documented evidence about other Atheist who are now believer’s in God! As a matter of fact the next set of video’s I put on this site will be about that subject!


Gabe says:

April 23, 2013 at 5:45 am 

If the new Mormon Church who is not affiliated with the old church turned their head and simply ignored decades of child abuse…

Well! It’s obvious these Mormons are criminals. Not only are they in a cult that believes they will be a God of their own planet... But, they are participating in wide open neglect to young Americans who are now 18 years old and can not read or write!

Not to mention the sexual child abuse that is happening every single 24 hours of our day’s on earth.

Jesus, feels and hears the cry’s inside these children… God will judge the parents and citizens of the United States of America who allowed this to happen.

That includes you and me if we do not stop this public child abuse.
Our young fellow Americans have the right to an education to allow them to work for a living off the farm.


Gabe says:

April 23, 2013 at 5:53 am  

The people who risked their weekly pay check to make this video and who are now being hunted down by the Mormons with money deserve more credit than we can ever give them through our words on this web page.

They risked everything to make this video and protect the innocent young children of America. If we did not find out about this abuse eventually these tyrants who are simply American dictators will eventually, seamlessly integrate this type of manipulation outside of their church and into our current civilization that is a melting pot of people from around the world called the United States of America.

They will implement this same kind of abuse and scale it up with police officer’s and Martial law like the last few day’s in Boston,MA

Wake up and be an advocate for these innocent children!


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